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World’s tallest purely residential tower coming to Mumbai by 2014

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Towering high at 442 meters on a 17-acre site at Worli in south-central Mumbai, the proposed construction dubbed World One will dwarf the tallest buildings on Earth when it is unveiled, sometimes in 2014. Realtors Lodha Developers have collaborated with two New York-based firms Pei Cobb Free & Partners and Leslie E. Robertson Associates to erect the 117-story tower with 300 exclusive 3-4 bedroom flats.

Won’t tumble the existing tallies:

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Though Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and the Canton TV Tower in Guangzhou are much taller than the proposed tower, it, however, will be the world’s tallest purely residential tower. Miapolis is another building proposed for construction that waits in the wings to be the world’s tallest.

Green Credentials:

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The tower will be packed with over 250,000 cubic meters of cement-concrete, 35,000 metric tons of steel bars, 40,000 square meters of glass and 18 high-speed lifts. However, green features like 100 percent rainwater harvesting and recycling, VRV air-conditioning and solar energy for common areas and heating will allow the World One project to slash its electricity consumption by over 40 percent. These attributes are sure to win it the coveted Gold LEED Certification from the Green Building Council.

Via: News-Views/DailyNews365

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