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Eight weird tree sculptures carved by nature

Plants and trees have excellent flexibility. They are capable of creating strange works of unintentional art that you just watch them bewildered. There are artists who have given meaningful shapes to trees such as of tables and mirrors. Tree sculptures are numerous; some are inspiring and some are really weird. For example, the Chandelier tree is 300 foot high and has a hole of six feet carved into it. Even cars pass through this hole. On the other hand, we can see trees that are victims of historic ruins. These trees have integrated themselves into broken left outs of historical structures. Let’s have a look at some weird tree sculptures carved by nature in the following.

1. Basket tree

Basket Tree

Basket tree is a very famous natural tree sculpture. Actually, this tree is six sycamores that are grafted together in 42 different types of connections, giving it the shape of a basket. It is such a beautiful creation that is difficult to describe in words.

2. Juniperus Phoenicea

La Sabina

Juniperus Phoenicea is a sort of Juniper that can be found throughout the Mediterranean region. It can also be found on the mountains of western Saudi Arabia found near the Red Sea. Generally, this tree grows on low altitudes that are close to coast; however, it can reach the altitude of 2400 m in south in its Atlas Mountains range.

It is in actual a large shrub or you can also call it a small tree that can be 2-12 m tall and has trunk with diameter of about 1 m. It can be round or irregular crown. It has leaves of two types; adult scale leaves that are 0.5-2 m long that are found on older plants and juvenile needle like leaves that are 8-10 mm long and found on seedlings.

3. Cotton silk trees of TaProhm


This tree is located in the Angkor Thom Complex. It is a unique place of the world where one can find the most shocking tree sculptures. The trees have grown here in such a form that is difficult to explain in words. This place has been now named as Angkor Archaeological Park.

4. Old Sculpture in Hoh rainforest

Old Sculpture in Hoh rainforest

This tree can also be termed as stump or dead tree and it is a sort of photogenic root. It is situated at Hoh rainforest, Olympic National Park, Washington State.

It has great stems that uplifts thick multitudinous roof above branches and leaves. It has its own landscape, paths, thickets, dwellings and glades. It has its own insect delights and bird ways.

5. The Methuselah tree, California

The Methuselah Tree, California

This tree has been named after the oldest person in Bible. It is in actual Bristlecone pine tree. It is considered as the oldest living thing that has been measured 4842 years and is still counting. The species of this tree can take about 700 years to grow to the height of 3 feet. It can be found in Bristlecone forest of Ancients, the Inyo National Park and White Mountains of Eastern California. These trees are generally not tall. They reach 50 feet and the diameter of the trunk can be between 8 and 12 feet. Hence, it is a solid, squat tree. This tree sprouted out of ground in 2832 BC.

6. The Olive tree of Vouves Crete

The Olive Tree of Vouves Crete

This tree is famous for being the oldest known olive tree on Earth. It has a tree ring that is at least 2000 years old. Carbon daters estimate its age to be about 4000 years. It is still producing olives. Its thickness is 15 feet at its base and it is not really tall as other olive trees.

7. Arbol del Tule

Arbol del Tule

This tree is located in the church grounds of Santa Maria det Tule in Mexican State of Oaxaca that is about 9 km east of city of Oaxaca on road to Mitla. It is Montezuma Cypress, which means old man of water. It was placed in the tentative list of the World Heritage Sites in the year 2001. The trunk of this tree is stoutest than any other tree in this entire world.

8. The Tree Circus

The Tree Circus

Axel ErLandson, a Swedish American farmer, shaped trees as his hobby. He had opened horticultural attraction in the year 1947 and advertised it as “See the world’s strangest trees here”. He named it as “The Tree Circus”.

The trees shaped by him have appeared in the column of Robert Ripley’s Believe It or Not for 12 times. These trees were sold by Axel ErLandson shortly before his death and are now situated at Gilroy Gardens since the year 1985.

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