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Water Movers to bring down fueling costs with new solar-powered light towers

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Water Movers Inc., a Phoenix-based equipment rental company has recently added new solar-powered light towers to its line of rental equipments. The Progress Solar(TM) Light Towers is a result of the company’s collaboration with Progress Solar Solutions(TM) LLC of Apex, NC. Targeting the construction, industrial, municipal and mining markets, these innovative units are a cost-effective and greener alternative to the diesel-powered portable light towers used presently.

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These new fully automatic light towers are made by incorporating state-of-the-art LED and solar lighting technology, making them absolutely noiseless and emission-free. They can easily be programmed to turn on and shut off at predetermined times or even respond to changes in sunlight at dusk and dawn just by a touch of a button. Water Movers has plans to both rent and sell the units and hopes to gain rapid prominence and popularity.

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