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Vertical farming in a parking garage

Vertical farming in a parking garage

A vertical farm in downtown Vancouver, North America is on the way. Coming on top of a parking garage, this high density facility will cover an expanse of about 6000 square feet. About half of the space available on top of a parking garage is being used to build a vertical farm now; the other half will only be used if this vertical farm turns into a success. The set up will produce a yield equal to that produced by 6.4 hectares or 16 acres of any regular sized field, as quoted by the chief operating officer of Valcent – Christopher Ng.

High-tech greenhouse planned for city parkade rooftop

The farm will accommodate a greenhouse with extraordinary mechanization. For their sunlight and water needs, the plants will be shuffled around, moving from one place to another. This mobile mechanism will be made possible by motorized conveyors, which will carry the plants around. The plants will actually grow out on trays and even shoot as tall as four meters high, and these trays will be shifted around with using motorized conveyors. The plants will be mobile, not only when they have to be watered or given sunlight, but also when they need to be harvested.

This concept has been forethought by Valcent Products and has aptly been dubbed as ‘Verticrop.’ The organization has entered into an agreement with a parking garage called EasyPark to build the facility. The idea of vertical farms is picking up, especially in urban areas where land area is limited. In the future, more and more vertical farms will surface in urban areas helping to resolve the space constraints that will also crop up with time. The construction of this project will commence from January and the first crop from this vertical urban farm will be reaped in April.

Via: smartplanet

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