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Venezuelan Vertical City to rely on micro turbines and PV panels for energy

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British architecture collective Desitecture have visualized a Vertical City that will be a home to 23 De Enero Caracas, Venezuelan slum dwellers. The 180-story building will be a self-sustained micro community with a lightweight composite-made façade. Precast units with a hollow structure will feature embedded micro turbines and numerous photovoltaic panels for renewable energy generation.

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As you could see in the above image, three connected cups offer ample space for inhabitation, business and administration activities. Vertical and diagonal structural frames that contain circulation and services support all three units. This framework supports the overlapping gardens and city farms. Crammed with bars, cafes and restaurants, the Vertical City will be a 24hr zone of activity.

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Via: Designboom

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    this is the coolest building i have ever seen

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