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Vena micro-hydro system charges your portable gadgets with water

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While we generally rely on sun and wind to power our portable gadgets, the hydropower could also do it for our starving gizmos. Melbourne-based industrial designer Daniel Hull has designed a portable hydro turbine that could actually charge your gadgets with hydro electricity. Dubbed as the Vena Microhydro System, the easy to set up power generator gathers electricity from underwater streams while utilizing a kite- and pinwheel-inspired turbine.

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The anchor ensures that the other elements: generator and turbine sit securely in all river conditions. The generator and flexible fabric blades could be unscrewed and rolled in, when not in use. A multi-purpose case holds all elements of the Vena and offers enough electrical storage and distribution for the whole system. Even if the battery hasn’t been actively charged, it still holds enough energy to help you keep from power grid.

vena microhydro turbine 2

vena microhydro turbine 1

Via: Daniel Hull

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