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Using the advantages of biofuels to reduce dependency on oil

The root cause of all innovations is to make life easier but the best innovations can do a lot more than that. Advancement of technology helps in improving the economical condition of a nation and enables the government to make more sensible decisions. It offers low cost and smart choice to the masses. Biofuels is one of the best innovations that can help in reducing the use of diesel, petrol and other petroleum derived fuels.

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This special type of alternative fuel is derived from plants. The most well known form of biofuel is Bioethanol or Biodisel. Countries which produce Biofuels do not need to be dependent on foreign countries for importing fuels as this type of fuels can be made anywhere by using renewable sources like plants. The production of Biofuels can help with the problem of unemployment and reduce the emission of Green House gases.

What is Biofuel?

Biofuels Help Us Get Rid of Oil 

To understand the importance of Biofuels you will have to first understand what it is and how it is produced. Biofuel or Biodisel is a clean and renewable variety of alternative fuel that is produced by using vegetable oils and fats. The vegetable oils, greases and fats are chemically processed for deriving this alternative fuel.

At first, the vegetable oils or natural oils are made to react with alcoholic substance and then this mixture is refined for producing molecules that the diesel engines are capable of burning. Biodisel is preferred over petroleum derived fuels because it can lower the exhaust emission rates. The materials used for producing Biofuels include cooking oil, tallow, yellow grease, poultry grease, cottonseed oil and soybean oil.

Biofuel is cost effective:

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The price of gasoline and Biofuel are the same but when you use Biofuel then the overall savings and benefits will be higher. Biofuels are cleaner and more eco-friendly. It does not have to be modified to suit the usual diesel engines. As this type of fuel is eco-friendlier it does not cause as much carbon emission as the petroleum derived fuels do.

Biofuel reduces the maintenance cost of engines and pollution check costs of the vehicle owners. The increasing demand of Biofuel will soon reduce its production cost and hence its market price will also get reduced.

Sourcing Biofuels is easier:


Gasoline, petrol and diesel are derived from crude petroleum oil. They are costlier because their source is non-renewable. Countries like US have to depend on foreign countries for getting Gasoline and diesel. Importing oil is a very pricey affair and it often puts the government under pressure.

The present reservoirs of crude oil and natural gas will last us for many years. But a day will come when all the reservoirs will be empty. Biofuel is derived from renewable sources and can be made in US and other countries. It will lower the dependency on foreign countries that supply petroleum derived fuels.

Less pollution, more economical:


According to scientific studies Biofuels cause 65% less pollution than fossil fuels. When fossil fuels are burnt they produce large amount of Green House gas like carbon di-oxide. Biofuels cause less emission when burnt and thus less pollution. The production of Biofuels will create new jobs and more people will get hired for working in the plants. This will indirectly boost the economy of the country.


It is true that the production cost of Biofuels is still quite high but with the advancement of technology this problem can be solved. Biofuels can make US and other countries more independent and open new doors of employment for citizens.

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