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Truck Trike: Urban cargo delivery vehicle runs on electric, human power

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Southeast Portland-based bike designer Bill Stites intends to take the burden off your shoulders with his three-wheeled bike called the Truck Trike. The electric and human-powered vehicle could carry 800 lbs. of cargo with extreme ease. While your legs drive the front wheel, the patented StitesHub coupled with two power pods in the rear come into action to relieve you from exertion. You need to push the throttle with your thumb to see it working.

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A separate power source powers each real wheel under the main cargo deck. Both rear wheels are powered with an Ecospeed electric motor system. Variable gear ratios make it easy to haul heavy loads on the 48-hole Phil Wood hubs without physical exertion. Real taillights with running lights and turn indicators facilitate driving the 48-inch-wide and 105-inch-long trike without difficulty.

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Since Stites wants you to pedal, he does not supply his trike with batteries. Rather, he wants buyers to buy their own batteries to suit their purpose. The Truck Trike retails for $7,800 with one motor and $8,800 for dual motors.

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  • Jeff

    great looking bike about time some one started building a nice cargo flatbed electric bike. I would like to see your bike at the Toronto Bike Show if possible any plans on coming to the show here.

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