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Tiger Woods sculpture clads itself in condoms

tiger wood sculpture clad in condoms 1

When an idol stoops to folly, he becomes the butt of all the jokes for others. It goes so well with the sculpture pictured above – Tiger Woods clad in condoms. As the celebrity golfer desisted from using protection all through his sexual endeavors with multiple partners, now he (his sculpture rather) stands educating others not to tag along his nonchalant pursuits. Well, did I tell you about the inscription on the belt he wears? It reads, “Let’s do it Tiger.”

Hit the jump to see the sculpture wearing condom-dress in its full glory.

The Population and Community Development Association of Thailand has housed this sculpture next to a condom-decorated Christmas tree outside a Thai restaurant called Cabbages and Condoms. Holding a golf stick in his right hand and wearing a condom cap, it is just embarrassing for a big shot like Tiger Woods; however, the message the sculpture sends out is definitely more powerful than the ridicule itself.

tiger wood sculpture clad in condoms

Via: Back Porch Fanhouse

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