With the climate becoming more and more unpredictable, the ethos of saving power and recycling is becoming more imperative as the seasons fracture with each passing year; the time of recycling is being taken from the kitchen and transferred to all parts of the house and more importantly, to the garden.

Unknown to most, there are a whole plethora of regular household objects that you can recycle in your garden for another lifetime of use!

Plastic Bottles

Rather than throwing away your great many plastic bottles, did you know that you could actually build a recycled greenhouse to grow your veg in?

Like a many primary schools across the United Kingdom, plastic bottles can actually be used as the basis of an innovative greenhouse. By replacing the glass with the plastic, you are saving vast amounts of time and money being spent on your garden; along with the pollution and costs of producing one pane of glass.

Not only this, but thanks to the design of the bottles, your greenhouse shall also be self-watering which means you don’t have to worry about watering your plants!

Of course, the best luxury greenhouses are great for growing some of the best vegetables possible, as well as adding comfort and value to a home. Hartley Botanic range of traditional Victorian greenhouses serve a brilliant purpose for growing organic vegetables.

Besides building your own garden structure with bottles, you can also make a fantastic mini-cloche which will protect seedlings from slugs, snails and other pests!


It is without doubt that wood is one of the most used natural materials on the planet, and with that it is also one of the most recyclable.

If you find yourself with a particularly long piece of wood which hasn’t been pressure treated, you could find a wide range of uses for this former tree.

Compost bins, cold frames and structures to hold netting in place are all great uses for wood. Even old scaffolding planks can be carved into beautiful pieces of garden furniture and ornaments.

You can even use reclaimed wood to build grand fireplaces, dining tables and even window, mirror and picture frames.



CDs and DVDs

With the digitization of nearly every household entertainment system, it is very nearly time when we cast away both our CDs and DVDs.

Instead of throwing away our old Boyzone CDs and Epic Movie DVDs, how about saving them too for the garden?

You may have indeed seen them dotted around other peoples gardens, but if attached to a piece of string, the discs make brilliant bird scaring devices; ensuring that they do not nibble on your lovingly grown plants and vegetables.

Although you may find that they have limited effect on some birds, others will in fact become used to your tactics so you could make recycled wind chimes to ensure that they stay away for that little bit longer!

Of course, if you’re worried about cats fouling in your garden, an Eco-tactic to get rid of those is by placing large bottles of water in and around your bushes; using the feline’s fear of water against it!



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