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The journey from cooking oil to fuel

Charles Anderson is the president and founder of Golden Fuel Systems. Andrew was born to a family of anglers, ranches and land surveyors in Alaska. He was mostly home schooled and never went to college and the frontier lifestyle of his family taught him self-reliance.


He was named as “Danger” and that become even clearer that night when the eatery’s owner pulled gun on him. As he was spotted a bin full of used oil as he drove past the restaurant in his Ford truck. He greased the fuel tank with the waste cooking oil, which worked like diesel.

Andrew and his friends had equipments that ran on diesel fuel. It was that time when the costs of diesel started to rise and then he found an alternative that led to his current profession of  biodiesel fuel. It is made from discarded cooking oil that has been cleaned up and processed up to reuse as either home heating or diesel to run. He used this biodiesel to run machines, such as cars, trucks and other heavy machineries.



He was a creative person and whenever his boat or tractor broke, he replaces it with whatever material was in hand. He learns many things from his past life and he learns some diesel engine tinkering with his grandfather.

He was the person who converted his first car, a Toyota diesel pickup truck, to SVO in early 2001. That time people were not aware of these types of engines and there was not much information readily available about the process. Therefore, a company that provided a filter for Anderson’s system started routing client calls to him.


Years later, after reading more extensively about Rudolf Diesel, he realized that we were not living up to Mr. Rudolf’s original version of using plant based fuels to run his newly invented engine.

During the further research, he realized that the most well known biofuel for diesel engine is not the sole way to make the use of vegetable oil in this engine. He concluded that instead of modifying each gallon of vegetable oil into biodiesel, modifying the engine once to be able to burn SVO would be an efficient method.

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