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Summer Rain: Kinetic sculpture that spices motion with tinkling sound of rain

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David Roy has made a breakthrough with his new, innovative and absolutely stunning creation. Dubbed the ‘Summer Rain’, the extraordinary sculpture brings together motion, sound and a new type of drive mechanism. It includes three overlapping wheels made of nested circle forms creating a pattern that portrays ripples in a pond. Adding a little more spice to the motion is the very soft, melodic tinkling sound of small wood levers striking different lengths of thin brass rods. This unique combination of motion and sound is a reminder of a gentle summer rain.

summer rain kinetic sculptures2

The whole journey of Summer Rain kinetic sculpture’s creation was not as beautiful as the final product looks like. The biggest challenge with the sculpture was the mechanism. The original design proved way too inefficient and complicated. Roy lived with the first version for a number of months trying a number of little fixes. When nothing seemed to work, the talented designer was struck with a simple solution that actually used fewer parts, was more reliable and ran longer. Just like me if you too can not resist the tempt to check them out, then see all current sculptures at Roy’s woodworking studio and gallery located in rural Ashford in northeastern Connecticut. Being in a room full of kinetic sculptures is an experience worth having!

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