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Solar shower: An affordable solution for a healthy life

In addition to the basic needs like food, clothing and shelter, hygiene is the next essential need for people around the world. Unfortunately, the chance of survival is very limited in the latent regions, due to water scarcity. Ireland based industrial designer, Michael Kilbane has proposed a new concept for shower designs, using simple household items that doesn’t incurs much to build one. In fact, users can build their own shower device and install them with ease. The designer believes that his concept will allow people to take a luxurious shower bath without spending water lavishly.

Solar shower

According to Michael’s concept, all you need for making your own shower device is a water container, black paint, rope, a piercing tool and the required space for setting up the shower. The container could be of any capacity but essentially with a holder and cap. However, Michael mentioned a container that has a capacity of 22.73 liters. The designer wants the container painted black because of its heat absorption capacity, that warms up the water inside the container.

About 48 small holes, having a diameter of 2mm are pierced on the bottom side of the container. Rope is used to hold the container and hoist it towards the ceiling. After raising the container to the required height, the rope can be tethered to a fixed column. This container can provide a continuous shower for about 16 minutes at the delivery rate of 1.4 liters/minute. By minimizing air pressure inside the container, water could be ceased to flow through the small holes, owing to surface tension. This setup can provide small business opportunities to a small group as well. Michael Kilbane has also made a complete 3D design of this shower setup that includes a partially covered room for privacy. Undoubtedly, Michael’s shower design is one of the cost-effective solutions that offers a luxurious shower bath, yet saves gallons of water.

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