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Simple, clean and energy-efficient gadgets for eco-conscious folks

The need of the hour at this point of time in mankind’s evolution is clean and energy-efficient products, which are eco-friendly. Going green is a way in which we can reduce our carbon footprint and help our future generations to avail of natural resources longer. If you wish to do that too, you can consider using some gadgets which can help you to cut down on your current energy consumption.

This will help in lowering your energy bills as well as reducing the load on conventional energy. This can also help in supporting existing ecosystems too. Check out these gadgets which are energy-efficient, and simple to use, suitable for the eco-conscious:



GravityLight uses the force of gravity to power lights. It takes 3 seconds of lifting weight which creates light of 30 minutes duration on the way down. Unlike solar energy which depends on the presence of sunlight to function, gravity is always there.

The GravityLight is a green gadgetwhich can be clipped on to anything which weighs around 20lbs. It can be a used as a porch light or be hung in a shed. The makers of this light say that it can help to replace bio-mass fuels in developing countries, leading to better health and reducing the use of fuels like kerosene.



The Sun-Box is a portable solar energy system contained in a box. The box weighs 38lbs and 21-¼” x 46-⅞” x 3”. This box stores solar energy to be used during the night or day, as the need arises. The Sun-Box is an off-the-grid solar solution that is comparatively cheaper than other solar grid-tied solutions.

It also does not require any professional outside help to set up the system. You can set it up by yourself. There are 4 boxes you can choose from depending on your usage, and all of them have the same dimensions but have different functions like Storage, Main, Generator. A Main (M) box is required to run a multi-box system, as it converts from DC to AC power. 

LEMON’s California Roll


California Roll is a wireless speaker which is solar powered and has Voice Recognition tech. Itswaterproof has a power bank and 3D sound. California Roll is powered by solar cells, the quality of which is of NASA grade. It is one of thoseeco-friendly gadgets, which stores the energy of the sun, and the photovoltaic cells can convert solar energy to DC current. These cells can be used to provide electricity to any other solar devices you use. There are 3 sound drivers which are placed in the California Roll so that the surround sound can be enjoyed from all directions.



Ampy is a charger which harnesses the body’s energy to charge the device. Instead of using electricity, you have to strap the device on to your body. The more vigorous your activities are, more is the power you’ll be pumping into Ampy. 10,000 steps might give you 3 hours of battery life and bikers and joggers can power their battery up to 6 hours.

This device can be strapped on to your arm, or you can just keep it in your purse or pocket. You can attach it your leg or any item of clothing. It has an option to be recharged from a wall outlet, in case you’re not particularly active some days. It can charge your smartphone, fitness trackers, any other small solar devices you own such as smartwatches, as it has a 1000 mAH capacity.



The Lifepack is a backpack which has a USB charger powered by sunlight. You can charge your phone using the solar charger. It has an integrated lock system which the makers claim, helps to keep your stuff secure.It seems like a viable green option to the current charger you may be using, which requires electricity to be charged.

Eco-friendly products which are manufactured using clean and green tech are a wise choice. They can help you in being eco-friendly by reducing your carbon footprint.

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