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Saucer-shaped solar vehicle gears up for Ice Road Challenge

xof1 solar powered car

Committed to promote the use of clean and sustainable energy, Marcelo da Luz had always aspired to develop and create a solar powered car that could set a world distance record and benefit mankind and the environment too. Having already smashed it in October 2008 in Victoria, B.C., the world distance record holder car named Xof1 or the Power of One now trots across the United States and Canada. On April 10, he will dare to travel across the 185-kilometer ice road that links Inuvik with Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T.

Amazing shape amazes, invites objections as well:

xof1 solar powered car 1

Since the vehicle looks like a flying saucer or an UFO, law enforcement officials had stopped the Torontonian several times during his 35,750-kilometer odyssey. And that’s the “jinx” I was talking about in the beginner. Now his next destination, course rather, takes Marcelo down to the Beaufort Sea on his 225-kilogram vehicle; however, he needs to follow jurisdictions.

Laurels follow meritorious features:

xof1 solar powered car 2

Though the car is supplied with a 12 horsepower engine that can easily do 120 kilometers per hour under ideal conditions, the former airline flight attendant still prefers to saunter at 40 to 70 km/h. The made in Canada car is the world’s first to operate below freezing temperatures, to drive on an ice road, to reach the Arctic Circle, and to charge with the power of the midnight sun.

Ice Road – A hard nut to crack:

xof1 solar powered car 4

Despite the merits listed above, the saucer will now take on the toughest challenge it ever went through. The ice road will deteriorate if the weather is too warm. On the contrary, if it’s too cold, the unheated car could suffocate or freeze the driver and the machine as well. Not only the batteries will sap, but also the car’s solar ability will be put to test when short daylight hours come into play. Anyhow, we hope he goes past all of these obstacles.

xof1 solar powered car 3

Via: The Gazette

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    It was very hard asking this question.. Why rectangular cars & not circle shaped.. I hope
    This mans efforts assist us in un brainwashing our conditioned minds..
    Imaging a world where basic fundamentals were re thought re discussed re invented to the bare basics of any object we have created..

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