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Reusable foil and plastic wrap replacements help you reduce your carbon footprint

Most of us have grown up seeing kitchen foil and plastic wrap being used extensively in our kitchens. But these single use products are the biggest contributors to our non-recyclable trash. Aluminum foil is almost fully recyclable but only when it’s fully clean which kind of defeats the whole purpose of using a use-and-throw product like this. Similarly, plastic wrap too can only be recycled when it’s fully clean. Most recyclers do not accept aluminum foil and plastic wrap which is why using reusable alternatives makes such a great case for itself.

1. Reusable Barbecue Sheet

Over the summer, a lot of aluminum foil is used in grill to cook delicate foods like fish and veggies. Healthy as it may be, it also creates a lot of waste. To avoid using single use aluminum foil, you can invest in options like the Mr. Bar-B-Q barbecue sheet. The dual-sided stainless steel BBQ sheet spreads heat evenly and helps keep small or delicate foods from burning on the grill. Once you’re done grilling, you can simply let it soak in the sink, scrub clean and it’s ready to use again.

2. Mesh Crisper

Getting foods crispy in a conventional oven is an art to say the least. Though most people prefer to use aluminum foil to get the job done, options like this mesh crisper from Chef’s Planet can help you get better results while eliminating single-use foil. Place it directly on your oven to get an even and crisp result and stick it in the dishwasher when done. The mesh crisper is 100 percent reusable on both sides and even cools quickly for easy handling.

3. Reusable Silicone Lids

Aluminum foil and plastic wrap are most often used for covering food stored in the fridge. To eliminate this kind of wastage, one can always invest in lidded reusable containers though an even easier option is the reusable silicone lid. The stretchable lid is designed to easily cover containers of all shapes and sizes. The lid is also completely freeze- and microwave-safe, heat resistant up to 570° F, dishwasher safe and 100 percent reusable.

4. Reusable Parchment Baking Paper

Most of us like to line our cookie sheets with aluminum foil to keep them from staining during baking. But this creates a lot of unnecessary waste which can easily be avoided by using options like the reusable parchment baking mat. The mat is designed to create a non-stick surface to the pan or baking sheet it’s placed on. It can also be cut to fit pans and pots and is tough enough to endure temperatures of up to 500° F.

5. Thermal Food Cover

Aluminum foil is best known as the handiest way to keep food warm before dinnertime or when it’s packed. But aluminum foil used to cover food cannot be reused which makes investing in thermal food covers a better option. These quilted covers are made using silicone which allows it to endure temperatures up to 475°F. The cover also helps keep food hotter for longer and can easily be tossed in the washer to clean.

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  • Thank you so much! I’ve managed to eliminate all disposable items from my kitchen except for aluminum foil and parchment paper b/c I couldn’t find an alternative… now I can be totally waste free!

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