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Resonating architectural space that sings with the wind

aeolus acoustic wind pavillion 1

Luke Jerram, the creator of various sculptures, installations, and live arts projects, has just recently received an £225K grant from EPSRC to design, build and tour his new artwork Aeolus. The color blind artist is presently working with the ISVR (Institute of Sound and Vibration Research), University of Southampton, on the specially designed architectural space that will resonate and sing with wind. Jerram hopes to tour the windy hilltops of the UK with his temporary building.

aeolus acoustic wind pavillion 4

Aeolus – the acoustic wind pavilion will make use of Aeolian wind harps and the visiting onlookers could hear the music produced by the installation. Moreover, hundreds of solar light pipes will transport light to inner locations, thus minimizing the loss of light. It will produce an optical illusion, as the visitors will see a landscape of light, reflecting the mood of the weather. Cloud, sunshine, sunset and sunrise, all will sing in tune with the Aeolus.

Videos, after the images, show how Jerram is making sure that he leaves no stone unturned before it is finally installed as a permanent artwork, somewhere in the UK itself.

aeolus acoustic wind pavillion 2

aeolus acoustic wind pavillion 3

aeolus acoustic wind pavillion 8

aeolus acoustic wind pavillion 5

aeolus acoustic wind pavillion 7

aeolus acoustic wind pavillion 6

aeolus acoustic wind pavillion 9

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