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Recycling robot automatically sorts rubbish into six categories

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Osaka sees the first ever recycling robot that makes use of laser sensing technology. The Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Corp and Osaka University researchers have come together to create a device that is capable of identifying various plastic materials among rubbish and sort them into piles. The eyes of the 5-foot 6-inch by 6-foot 9-inch robot uses laser sensing technology that distinguishes various kinds of plastics by the reflectivity of lasers of five wavelengths.

The new robot consisting of a robotic arm aims to improve the plastic recycling levels. It is capable of distinguishing six different types of plastics that can be recycled and sorted from general rubbish collections. As of now, only a trial version of the robot has been developed and the names behind the technology are IDEC Co., LTD. and PARC (Photonics Advanced Research Center). The waste-sorting robot is presently undergoing demonstration tests at two stores in Osaka and Nara. The smaller versions of the robot are expected to hit the market soon and would be sold for nearly £37,000 each.

Via: Telegraph/PhotonicsCenter

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