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Recycled Yard Art Contest rewards artwork from trash

Recycled Yard Art Contest rewards artwork from trash

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Many creative works have already proved that art is no longer subjected to expensive raw material. Beautiful artwork can be created ingeniously by making good use of things that we consider nothing more than scrap. If you too have the ability to convert trash into something more artistic and inspiring, then the Recycled Yard Art Contest is just for you.

The Recycled Yard Art Contest rewards the magical transformation of junk into art. The contest that will be held during the Hillsborough County Fair from November 4 to November 8 is open to all Hillsborough County residents, whether young or old. Backed by the county Extension Service and Waste Management department, the competition will award two $100 prizes (first place and People’s Choice), a $75 second place and $50 for third to winning art designed with mostly reused or recycled materials. The art have to be two or three-dimensional and able to withstand the elements.

Previous year Don Hardy slammed the first position with his innovative glass ship that was crafted from blue bottles and copper, while Bob Dickey took away the People’s Choice award for a metal duck created from shovels. In case you too wish your entry to become part of the contest, deliver it to the county fairgrounds at State Road 60 and Sydney Washer Road in Dover between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on November 1 or November 2.

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