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Recycled yard art: 10 striking examples of garden art using junk

Recycled Art out of waste

For a creative mind, everything emanates art. Nothing is waste for an artist, old glass bottles, broken windows or iron from your junk yard, can be reshaped into beautiful art pieces. Next time you throw your junk, think twice. You can just consult an artist or yourself create a piece of art that you never thought you are capable of crafting. Here are few illustrations of best out of waste, recycled products to adorn your garden yard.

1. Reuven Fields

Reuven Fields, an Israeli yard artist, settled in Chapel Hill area of NC, is into designing metal sculpture. His garden yard masterpieces are a visual treat . He does creative iron art since 2005. This artist creates figurative life forms and plants to abstract and alien life forms of his imagination. He mostly uses recycled elements to build these wonderful structures. His work is available online at creativeironart.net.

2. Dean Weller

Dean Weller from Desoto, Kansas has been turning old automobile parts and sheets of metal into beautiful art pieces. It has been over 28 years, since his retirement that he is creating replica designer vehicles every year. His recreation of classic Ford model of 1930s and a replica of 1912 Mercer Raceabout with recycled junk is worth a watch. His work out of junk can be visited at his Grandpa’s Garage and Body Shop in Kansas.

3. Darlene Hoffman

Darlene Hoffman creates yard artifacts from recycled barn woods and boots. She creates beautiful real birds with barn wood. Her bird houses of boots and barn wood can adorn any garden.

4. Dave

Dave, a homeowner, has created one of a kind backyard using his kids worn out plastic toys. The toys, plastic cast-offs like Hula hoops, cheap toys and pot scrubbers which otherwise would have gone to the waste bins are beautifully decorated to add life to his garden. These used and waste pieces of plastics have added color to their yard.

5. T A Dah

Another artist, T A Dah uses old balls and colored marble to design art pieces for gardens. Different sizes of balls are either painted or glued with marbles to emerge as fascinating pieces of craft. Balls are designed with various patterns. They are attractive addition to a garden décor.

6. Grandma Prisbrey

Grandma Prisbrey’s Bottle Village in Simi Valley,CA has everything recycling artist can try out. Tresa Prisbrey’s has worked for 25 precious years to create this place with 13 full-size structures.

She started her work by collecting and piecing the discarded beer bottles of her drunkard husband. Her creation is made completely out of junk yard objects, glass objects, kid’s toys, broken furniture’s, old clothes, iron objects and wooden pieces. Her work is a visual treat for art lovers.

7. Jean Pierre

Jean Pierre schuss creates metal garden forms from the recycled steel. Her Zen and miniature gardens house numerous metal sculptures of life forms.

8. Cappi Phillips

Indianapolis artist, Cappi Phillips creates amusing mosaic sculpture from glass, broken pottery, discarded plastic bags and other waste recyclable material. His art work displayed at Moes Ache Studio is worth a watch.

9. Brett Cleveland

Brett Cleveland is an artist who likes to work on contemporary subjects using recyclable material. This Alabama based artist creates garden art from recycled metal. After polishing the mixed and stainless steel he makes some free standing metal panels as aesthetic looking art pieces.

10. Anne Schwegmann

Anne Schwegmann’s art is simply incredible. She creates her intricate pieces of sculpture by using donated objects. These used items like crockery, jewelry, mirrors, and coins are mostly taken from villagers. Anne work is worth a collector’s item for both indoors and outdoors.

Take trash and turn them into masterpieces. Someone who wrote many years back that ‘one man’s trash is another man treasure,’ might have never imagined what worth is this treasure from trash today.

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