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Recycled Music: Making melodies from trash!

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Even trash has music of its own! What one needs to hear it is concern toward the usable aspects of the discarded stuff. Earlier today, we let you know about Len Solomon who has been entertaining all with his one-man variety show; creating music (from instruments made from salvaged trash) for over 20 years now. Here is a list of similar ventures seeking to transform rubbish into some amazing pieces of audio equipment:

• Chad VanGaalen’s unusual trash-art:

chad vangaalen music from trash

Remember Infiniheart and Skelliconnection: the tracks were created by Chad VanGaalen wherein he played some instruments that he created himself.

• CanUnDrum:

canundrum 1 1weln 11446

CanUnDrum – a musical group from Santa Clarita Valley – create melodies from from recycled 55-gallon buckets, PVC pipes, pots and pans. Formed back in 2004, the group, consisting of three drummers, emanated in response to Six Flags Magic Mountain’s call to produce unusual melodies from seemingly unusual stuff.

• Ken Butler makes hybrid instruments from trash:

ken butler umbrella music

Ken Butler has been creating stringed instruments from recycled items including hockey sticks, hair clips, combs and an umbrella since 1978. He uses a contact mic to amplify the sound of his instruments.

• Creating music from discarded office chairs and stereo equipments:

mikal hameed musical instruments recycled

Mikal Hameed uses discarded office chairs and stereo equipments to create some fully functional sound systems. The artist believes in bringing people together through the shared experience of music in an eco-friendly way.

• Music from sand: :

music from sand

Diego Stocco was so inspired by the noise of the sand that he created an entire track from tuned sand tones. Tapping two piezo films to his fingers, Diego plays grooves live with various techniques.

music from sand 2

• Applewild Kids:

recycled musical instrument l3xpf 69

For a concert at the Applewild School in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, a team of students from grades four and five created their own instruments from trashed objects. Students re-utilized stuff like washboards, pans, pots, PVC piping and plastic water jugs for their musical instruments.

• Joe Raciti – Cardboard Song:

joe raciti cardboard song

Joe Raciti’s song “All Hail the Great Blue Whale” is created using only instruments made out of cardboard and the human voice.

• TRASH Music Projects:

trash music projects

Over the last 15 years, TRASH Music Projects have been providing junk-percussion based workshops and projects throughout the UK, across Europe and in the Middle East. You could see (in video below) artists creating sweet melodies from garbage.

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