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Recycled Island: Hawaii-sized island to be created from recycled plastic

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While adventures, like Plastiki, may throw some light on the enormity of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, they would hardly do something concrete to gobble up the plastic trash that has created it. On the other hand, the Rotterdam WHIM architecture proposes to construct a habitable floating island in the Pacific Ocean – the North Pacific Gyre (North-east to Hawaii), to be specific – to purge the ocean off its plastic-impurities. The research project aims at creating a sustainable habitat for the climate refugees.

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Flaunting mixed-use environments, the island with the coverage of 10.000Km2 will seek to provide an inhabitable space for the urban masses. The resources of power, the island will rely on, are solar and wave energy. As the island bears a floating character, it will avoid long transports. You would see the island doing on-site recycling, and supporting self-sufficient plantations with seaweed and compost toilets.

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