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Recycled Fashion: Beautiful Newspaper Dresses

Recycled Fashion

Recycled fashion is turning heads these days. We can see fashion designers showcasing their eco-friendly clothing lines during fashion shows and other events to challenge people’s perception of second-hand clothing. Clothes made from recycled materials is now not a new thing to the fashion world. Well, if you thought the piles of newspapers lying around you aren’t good for much of anything, think again. Here we have put together for you some of the most amazing dresses made from newspapers. Hit the jump to see them all.

1. Newspaper Dress Fashion Sexy PhotoShoot

newspaper dress21

2. Unbelievable newspaper dress setting trend

newspaper dress25

3. Project Runway Episode 5 brought beautiful newspaper dresses

newspaper dress17

4. Head turning newspaper dresses at Project Runway Episode

newspaper dress18

5. Newspaper dress by some user on Deviant Art

newspaper dress2

6. Model Leeny Ivanisvili flaunting her newspaper/envelope dress

newspaper dress3

7. Newspaper and duct tape Dashil Hernandez Design

newspaper dress4

8. Stunning Postcards and newspaper dress by Elize Tomasi

newspaper dress5

9. Dress made with postcards, newspaper and pages from Tomas Loewy’s book

newspaper dress6

10. Postcards, duct tape and newspaper shape into stylish hoodie and shorts

newspaper dress7

11. Model Nadine Candelario in a dress made with postcards and newspaper


12. Model Roza Kaktus exhibits dress made with newspaper, envelopes and postcards

newspaper dress9

13. Postcards and newspaper dress up Model Zita Zimmerman

newspaper dress10

14. Aubrey Carr models a dress made of newspapers during a show of recycled fashions

newspaper dress11

15. Amazing dress by Isaac Mizrahi designed using USA TODAY newpapers

newspaper dress12

16. Suit made entirely from newspaper at 2nd Skin project

newspaper dress13

17. Dress made entirely from newspaper at 2nd Skin project

newspaper dress14

18. Newspaper mean more than just trash!

newspaper dress15

19. Newspaper dress featured in VOGUE represents Caterina’s irony

newspaper dress16

20. Stylish newspaper dresses exhibited at Project Runway Episode

newspaper dress19

21. Carrie Bradshaw in sexy Dior-inspired newspaper dress

newspaper dress20

22. Gorgeous newspaper dress by Yuliya Krypo won the Metro Recreate competition

newspaper dress1

23. Gary Harvey finds fashion in newspaper

newspaper dress22

24. Newspaper dress showcased at the GreenShows during New York Fashion Week

newspaper dress23

25. Sustainable fashion stands out

newspaper dress24

Hit here to see newspapers transforming into some amazing sculptures.

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