Reducing your plastic use: Where you should start

Plastic usage does have its convenience, but has a ton of disadvantages as well. Therefore, leading a plastic free life ...

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7 Tips to make your dive greener and more eco-friendly

Diving is a very popular sport in any seaside resort or island. Many individuals opt to dive into the depths ...

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15 Super rare creatures of the sea

With every dive into the ocean, explorers are finding rare species thriving in the deep seas. For a long time, ...

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7 Building materials that make excellent environmental sense

Building an environmentally conscious home starts with the selection of a building material that stands the test of time and ...

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7 Animal species that narrowly escaped extinction

While development in infrastructure is strengthening the world’s economy, there is a range of effects of urbanization that are frequently ...

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Lightning storms lay bare the power of Mother Nature

Lightning storms are spectacular displays of the force of nature. Each lightning bolt may contain up to 1 billion volts ...

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Compost Bin Vs Compost Tumbler: Finding The Right Fit For You

When making compost, one has to consider a large number of things and ensure that everything falls into budget. This ...

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Recycling businesses that ended up battling massive lawsuits

Recycling is awesome, but that doesn’t mean the businesses handling recycling are always clean, or safe from being targeted by ...

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Tiny Homes That Make Living Off The Grid Possible And Comfortable

Many people are choosing to live life off the grid. The decision could be due to the need for independence ...

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Worst Wildfires That The World Has Seen

Wildfires are fires that cannot be controlled and destroy huge areas in their paths in a few minutes. The causes ...

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Amazing works of art fashioned out of old texts  

Book lovers worldwide have found a new use for old and unused texts. They are fashioning stunning works of art ...

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8 Quick Hacks To Keep Your Food Fresh Longer

Be it fruits, vegetables or any raw material that we use in the kitchen, if stored in a proper way, ...

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