Modern Treehouse

Five Modern Treehouses you’d love

Best thing about a treehouse is that you can be perched high up in the trees in utmost comfort anytime ...

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planting a green roof (1)

Tips and ideas to remember when planting a green roof

Green roof looks lovely and has a variety of benefits both environmental and individual. However, one needs to take into ...

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A green toilet that sterilize waste

Best eco-friendly toilet inventions

People putting up in rural areas, especially in developing countries are deprived of basic facilities such as toilets. This is ...

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Smart Thermostats

7 Energy conscious gadgets that help you save plenty of energy at home

With energy and utility costs hitting the roof, it has become a mandate for many homeowners to find out ways ...

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New Masonry Building Material by Watershed Materials 1

Sustainable construction made possible with revolutionary sustainable bricks

Bricks have always been the number one choice for homes and buildings around the world. The brick industry has also ...

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recycled art

Artistic ways trash was turned into creative gold

You must have heard it said – one man’s trash is other man’s gold. For some people this is more ...

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BWB Blended Wing Body Aircraft

Air travel could turn green in the near future

Research is underway to create aircrafts that can perform at the same if not higher level of efficiency while reducing ...

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Outdoor brick oven pizza

Outdoor ovens you can build using recycled materials and for quality pizzas at home

More and more people are making outdoor ovens in their backyard, garden or porch, as they have realized how it ...

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6 Awesome electric scooters you will love

Many people have started opting to travel around in electric scooters and cars in a bid to reduce their carbon ...

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SoundRide   1

SoundRide to be an eco-friendly traveling radio at events

While you may have noticed vehicles having radio equipment for broadcasts and announcements, SoundRide is a far more advanced version ...

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Diamond Lotus for Ho Chi Minh City

Three examples of remarkable tree-inspired architecture

Over the years tree-inspired architecture has sprouted throughout the world. Majorly Southeast Asia and Europe have seen some really creative, ...

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Skysphereis  2

Skysphereis an eco-friendly retreat for weekend getaways and more

There may be times when you may want to stay alone at a faraway place where nobody disturbs you. If ...

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