Lamp Mygdal

Lamp Mygdal from Nui Studio brings the joys of a terrarium to lighting

Eco-conscious people want everything to turn greener for them. If you are also a nature lover, then you will surely ...

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drones are set to change the world

6 Ways in which drones are set to change the world

Thanks to scientists and environmentalists worldwide, the quintessential drone is getting an eco-friendly makeover. Rather than simply sticking to deliveries, ...

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anti-theft lifepack

Keep your mobile office and life organized with the solar-powered, anti-theft lifepack

Do you work on the go or on your will? If yes, then you may find yourselfcarrying your mobile office. ...

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repurposing old household items

Give your garden a new look by repurposing old household items

If you are a beginner, you may be a tad bit astounded as to how expensive gardening can become. From ...

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electric discharge

6 New and exciting developments towards sustainable energy generation

Although the world’s leaders have not come to a mutual decision on how to cut their carbon footprints, they have ...

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Moox Bike (1)

Have the Fun of Driving and Riding with Moox Bike

Considering the easy and quick travel requirements of eco-conscious individuals, designer Mike Silvestri came up with a unique bicycle-scooter hybrid ...

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fontus self-filling water bottles (2)

You will never stay thirsty with fontus self-filling water bottles

Whether you are riding your bike to work or on an adventurous trip, running out of water is not a ...

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Woman doing yoga

Understanding the significance of Global Wellness Day

The 11th day of June comes with a big bang while announcing the third annual Global Wellness Day; once again ...

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SunLabz Backpack

6 Solar powered backpacks that can juice your gadgets on the move

Smartphones, tablets and laptops have become essential tools for the modern day individual who simply can’t go anywhere without them. ...

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roQar SmartWindow 2

Ventilate your home and breathe in pure air with roQar SmartWindow

Using air conditioners in homes can cause the inside air to go stale and toxic. It can also lead to ...

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Lighthouse 250 Lantern and Solar Powered Tent

Smart, efficient and eco-friendly gadgets that can become your best friends for outdoor trips

The one thing that most outdoor enthusiasts dread while on camping or outdoor trips is running out of charge for ...

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non-toxic paints

Green non-toxic products and ideas for house remodel projects

Home remodeling projects have seen a big change in the last decade of two. People used to go for home ...

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