Recycling creatively –Replicas of some iconic architectural wonders

Sustainability has been morphed to serve a variety of purposes in everyday life. Using waste products to create art is ...

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Modest solar-powered vehicles that can embarrass the richest gas guzzling cars

A solar-powered land-driven vehicle is the state of the art application of solar energy in the contemporary age. Combining technologies ...

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Seven humanitarian organizations that are waging war against food waste

ost of us forget that when we throw away leftovers in the dustbin there are several people who are starving. ...

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The world will be better off with more protected bike lanes

Statistics say 81% of cyclists are more comfortable riding their bikes in protected bike lanes. As per the reports of ...

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Eco-friendly tips to keep your stainless steel sink shining

Cleaning your sink once you are done with the dishes is easy, but with the eco-friendly revolution hitting the turf ...

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Blend your daily chores with sustainability by using human-powered washing machines

Eliminating wastage of water and electricity, human-powered washing machines are a rage. Consider saving on your laundry budget while getting ...

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Cool ways Olympics inspire eco-conscious folks to recycle and recreate

Olympic Games are a platform for international sportsmen to compete with each other for the pride of their country.The games ...

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Leftover jeans can be recycled into these wonderful DIY items

Have you ever imagined using your old jeans to create something useful? If yes, then it is a good thing ...

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Maria Leijerstam

Travellers who covered impressive distances with minimal environmental impact

Travelling is a part and parcel of our lives but there are some genius travellers whose travelling created history. Some ...

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London’s electric hybrid black cabs

Eco friendly public transportation options to make your commute better

One of the key factors for pollution is vehicles. One of the best ways to avoid this is by making ...

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energy saving automated thermostats (3)

Here’s why you should switch to energy saving automated thermostats

The thermostat is incredibly useful, but it can also be incredibly wasteful. While the generic device does offer comforts, the ...

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McLibel Case

Famous eco lawsuits that gained attention and set the ball rolling

Every person has a responsibility towards the environment. There have been several examples across the world where even the rich ...

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