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Orange Coast college student bends discarded wires into art

vincent yancoskie wire sculpture 1

How often have you come across an artist who loves spending his time on something you have thrown out after declaring it as trash? Since I guess never, I take this opportunity to introduce you to Vincent Yancoskie who not only lives with a passion to create art from discarded metal wires, but also makes a living out of it. The 19-year-old, part-time artist has been creating wire sculptures since his high school.

vincent yancoskie wire sculpture 2

As his art got wide recognition with his friends and clients as well, he came up with Wired-Art.com – his, sort of, dispensary for selling his artistic prescriptions to those needing an eco-dose. An impression of Tiger Woods, a surfer, an optometrist’s office and a display case for some jewelry store are among some of his creations. He is working on a large sculpture nowadays, which he describes as the bald eagle:

I want to make a bald eagle and it’s really big. I’ve got the wings and the talons and head so far. The wingspan is going to be about three to four feet.

Each of his creations retails at a price from $20 to $200.

vincent yancoskie wire sculpture 3

vincent yancoskie wire sculpture 4

vincent yancoskie wire sculpture 5

vincent yancoskie wire sculpture 6

vincent yancoskie wire sculpture 7

Via: Coast Report Online

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