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NTU’s new center to convert trash into power for homes

NTU’s new center to convert trash into power for homes

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It was a big day for Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute yesterday. The institute saw the official opening of three facilities that will prove to be a windfall for the environment. The first out of the three is the Residues and Resource Reclamation Center, which aspires to give a more meaningful dispose of to organic waste.

The R3C will provide a hub to each community where all its organic waste will be collected and processed to generate electricity. This system will not only produce electricity, but will also benefit the environment as it save upon the amount of waste entering the landfills along with the energy associated in transporting it. There are plans to build toilets that are capable of reducing the water usage for flushing, hence making waste-water reclamation easier. The R3C will join forces with waste management companies like SembCorp Industries and Keppel Seghers, in addition to the National Environment Agency in order to recycle waste, purify and save water.

The second facility to the institutes name is the Singapore Membrane Technology Center, which will provide cost-effective ways of purifying waste-water. The third is called the DHI-NTU Water and Environment Research Center and Education Hub. This collaboration between NTU and Danish waste-water consulting firm Dansk Hydraulisk Institute will focus on developing new methods of managing water and waste. Both these facilities have been active for a year.

The Environment and Water Development Council, the Economic Development Board, industry partners and NTU will grant a total of $95 million to the three centers over the next five years.

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