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Musical Instruments Made from Recycled Items

There goes a story related to Buddha where one of his disciples asks for a new robe as the old one is tattered to pieces. Buddha gives him a new robe but gets inquisitive after few days about what the disciple did with his old robe. The disciple tells him that the old robe now serves him as his bedspread, while the previous bedspread is turned into curtains; old curtains are used to handle hot utensils in the kitchen, the previous cloth used in kitchen is used to wash the floor and the previous cloth used to wash the floor is now being used as twig in the oil lamp. In a similar manner man has been making music from worthless artefact from centuries. We look at some of the musical instruments that can be made from recycled items.



All you need is a piece of cardboard with bottle caps placed on the two ends of the cardboard. You’ll need good quality glue though that ensures your caps still stick while you’re busy banging the two ends. Another variation would be taking a pair of old gloves and sticking bottle caps or beads to the ends of the gloves. Now you can on the table with your gloves on or open and close your hands to get the desired rhythm. In case you’re interested in tap dancing and don’t have the dancing shoes an interesting tweak would be to stick pennies at the bottom of your normal shoes with tin at the topof the shoes.


All you need to get your set of drums together is to find empty tin cans of different shapes and size in the house and to keep them as it is or replace their top with plastic lid or balloon rubber. Usually the bigger cans make more loud sound while the smaller ones can help you get more specific tones. Your choice of drumstick though is as important as your drums themselves. You can utilize used chopsticks, pencils to broken hangers. You can mount rubber or wine corks on the edges of your drumsticks to experiments with the sounds.

Bottle cap tambourines

All you need is a set of metal bottle caps and a strong thread to keep them together. Tie them together with a nail and shake them to get the music on.



Take any water bottle with ridges and decorate their outside with stickers. You can use pebbles or beads inside of the bottle and chopsticks or hair picks as the guiro scrapers.

Sand bucket Chime

If you have a dysfunctional sand bucket at home all you need to do is hang it upside down and attach old silverware, marbles, and seashells to the handle of the bucket to give you set up the chiming effect.

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