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Musgum clay houses promote earliest natural building materials

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Wouldn’t you be enthralled to own a houses made from the earliest natural building materials. Building houses using earth as the building material will be way too interesting and eco-friendly. One such dwelling is the ‘Musgum clay house’. Named after its creators, the Musgum, an ethnic group in far north province in Cameroon, the house is created from compressed sun-dried mud.

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Shell (artillery) like in shape, the tall conical structure is a portrayal of almost organic simplicity, but does not compromise on functionality. The aesthetically appealing dwelling has walls that are thicker at the base than at the summit. The reason for this kind of wall is to provide stability to the structure. The main motive behind using mud as building material is to promote green practices. Mud is an excellent alternative to cement whose manufacture releases considerable quantities of CO2, which is harmful for the environment. Individual housing units and small apartment buildings can easily be built from earth anywhere in the world.

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