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Most eco-friendly speakers ever made

Good music has absolutely nothing to do with power-consuming amps that require several watts of electricity to generate it. This environmental awareness has led manufacturers over time to devise and offer sustainable music gadgets, including speakers that could produce the greenest music ever. Here is a list of 15 such speakers that can produce the sweetest music without harming the environment:

• SoundGarden:


So very indicative of a tree stump, the SoundGarden speaker is basically a mini-garden with little speakers. As you can see in above image, each speaker can connect to the other and projects the sound out of the available space. The speaker is also equipped with an internal amplifier.

• Horn Speaker:

horn speaker

UK-based Ferguson Hill has created the FH001, a huge transparent speaker that is green and luxurious at the same time. Dubbed as Horn, the speaker is made of clear acrylic and its bonus size plays loud music at 150 Hz to 20 KHz while consuming just 3 to 50 watts of amp power. It doesn’t ask for any power-hungry amplifier. Bass comes from the FH002, a 24-inch acrylic sphere fitted with a 12-inch woofer.

• Gramo solar-powered speakers:

gramo solar powered speaker

Designed by Pekka Salokannel, the speakers incorporate three layers of photovoltaic panels onto their surface. A built-in battery pack takes in all the juice provided by the Sun allowing you to keep the party going even after sunset. The volume of the speakers can be adjusted by soft touch controls.

• Recycled Paper Ceramic Speakers:

recycled paper ceramic speaker

Created by Jieyu Design, the paper ceramic loudspeakers feature ceramic columns that amplify the bleakest of sounds to their fullest. Thus, they produce the sweetest music for your ears.

• Speakers made from used car tires:

ollie recycled tire speakers

Ollie Boyce, a mobile DJ by profession, has created these custom speakers from used car tires. Available in a wide range of models where the basic 100W model, costing £80, can be great for your home or workshop and used with any music player pushing out 40W per channel, and a disco model costing £150 carries a 300W base speaker tweeter horn and 2 way crossover. The wall-mountable speakers come with stand and wheel trim.

• Clay Speakers:

clay speakers

Dubbed as Mapuguaquén, the speakers pictured above are made from clay on a potter’s wheel. The speakers were developed to preserve the Chilean art.

• Ceramic Calabash speakers:

ceramic calabash speakers

Industrial designer Hanri de la Fontyn has come up with a loudspeaker system he calls the Ceramic Calabash speakers. Made from the basic natural material – clay, the speakers are shaped after African calabash, which has traditionally been turned into medicine containers, water containers and drums.

• Wood Music:

wood music

Perfectly connectable to your iPod, mp3 players and similar gadgets, the loud speaker is made from salvaged timber. It features a dock, holes to produce sound and buttons for the speaker’s function.

• Outdoor Solar Wireless Speaker:

outdoor solar wireless speaker

The solar speaker from Frontgate lets you connect your iPod, CD/MP3 player, TV or stereo to the transmitter that beams the music wirelessly. The 900MHz wireless outdoor speaker capably transmits crystal clear sound in a 150’ range even through walls, floors and even ceilings. A built-in solar panel is there to keep batteries always fully charged.

• Pure Malt Speakers from Pioneer:

pure malt speakers from pioneer

The speaker boxes are made from reclaimed oak whiskey barrels. With a better sound quality over traditional speakers, the speakers go on to produce a deep, mellow tone.

• Bio Kelp Speakers:

samsung bio kelp

The newest speakers from Samsung, the Bio Kelp offers tremendous sound quality that is attributable to a change in the material of the diaphragm. The company uses kelp – a material derived from the ocean, for the purpose. The Bio Kelp speakers carry natural fibers extracted from kelp.

• Bamboo Speakers:

bamboo speakers

The portable set of USB speakers is crafted in woody bamboo. These speakers are capable of producing across-the-board music at a 300-10,000Hz frequency.

• Eco Speakers:

eco speakers

Shaped like a cube, these speakers are made from 100% recycled materials and can be folded flat for carrying anywhere along with your iPod or MP3 player. They don’t even require batteries.

• Solar Sound by Landport:

solar sound by landport

Japanese-based Landport offer the solar-powered active speakers that come with lithium-ion batteries to store solar energy created by solar panels mounted on top of the device. The speakers offer an impressive 2W x 2ch audio output. The speakers come with USB terminals that connect to power sockets for much-needed succor. A stereo mini input is also there to let you connect iPods or other portable music gizmos.

• Teresonic’s Magus:

teresonic magus compact loudspeakers

The compact, mid-range speakers generate quality sound on a few Watts per channel. Specifications include a sensitivity of 98dB (1W/1kHz/1m), a bandwidth of 60Hz-22kHz +/- 3dB, and a power handling of 1-100 Watts.

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