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Mixer Skyscraper: Poland’s first mixed-use structure with zero environmental impact

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Located along river Vistula, the Mixer Skyscraper is designed exclusively for Warsaw to adapt to its changing needs today and tomorrow. The first of its kind to be located in Poland, the building is a self sufficient habitat which offers endless accommodation possibilities and is well connected to the city’s maritime and road networks.

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The primary structure is basically a steel exoskeleton filled with glycol which helps maintain cooling and heating temperatures inside the building. Skyscraper has several self supporting green structures or mega-function units like waste water treatment plants, biomass water plant, natural ventilation systems, wind turbines and a photosynthesizing glass façade that produces bio-energy. All these features combine together to reduce the environmental impact to the minimum.

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The building has small habitat modules or prefabricated structures called the pixels. These fill the rigid grid on the south west façade and are equipped with standalone greenhouse to improve the quality of air and humidity within the module. The vertical spine of the skyscraper contains public programs such as theaters, restaurants, museums, or shopping malls while a swiping structure that resembles a wave is used for housing and offices.

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The mega-function units as well as the habitat modules can be repositioned, spatially reorganized and recreated in order to ensure maximum efficiency of the system.

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