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Metrobench: Artist makes stunning bench using 5,000 recycled MetroCards

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Traveling in metros to reach your school, college or workplace is an everyday affair in New York City. This makes the blue and yellow thin, plastic cards on which the customer electronically loads fares being produced in large numbers. After serving their purpose, these MetroCards are nothing but waste. These obsolete materials in which a normal person like you and me wouldn’t see any possibility of reuse, an artist, Stephen Shaheen, sees immense potential. He has recently created a sturdy, usable bench made from recycled MetroCards. Dubbed as the “Metrobench,” this unique bench made from 5,000 recycled MetroCards was specially designed for an exhibition at Sloan Fine Art Gallery.

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After working and undertaking extensive training in Italy, this artist and designer now lives in New York City, where he creates with innovative designs and artworks. Presently, the artist teaches at the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, the New York Academy of Art and is the director of Tuscany Study, an intensive art program in Italy. He is also the president and artist of the Memoria Project, a not-for-profit entity dedicated to the design and realization of a landscape sculpture installation in New Jersey honoring the lives lost on September 11, 2001. His indoor and outdoor installations are so creative and popular that they are part of several public and private collections in Europe and the United States.

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This stunning bench was built for submissions to “Single Fare 2: Please Swipe Again,” an art show of MetroCard-based art. Although, MTA prints more than 170 million MetroCards each year, it wasn’t a cake walk for the artist to first gather them and then transform them into something unimaginable. The Metrobench has a steel base that is covered completely by these blue and yellow plastic cards. The cards are layered lightly, creating a dazzling striped pattern. The sculpture was created by picking each card by hand and then fixing it on a steel frame. This entire process took almost a week to complete.

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