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Mechanical elephant made from reclaimed wood and steel

the great elephant1

Renewing the memories of the Sultan’s Elephant that no longer exists, France brings its replica to the world. The imitation of the elephant was built as a part of the Machines of the Isle of Nantes, an artistic, tourist and cultural project based in Nantes, France. The main objective of the project is to portray the city as a creative place of dream and fantasy.

the great elephant2

Dubbed the “Great Elephant”, this 12 meters high and 8 meters wide mechanical elephant uses 45 tons of reclaimed wood and steel for its construction. This robo elephant is capable of taking up to 49 passengers on a 45-minute joy ride. With ultra-stylish draped in sustainability, this one here surly shows way to a dream green ride.

the great elephant3

the great elephant5

the great elephant6

Via: eXfun.ru

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