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MCC creates modular offices from recycled shipping containers

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Members of the city’s creative sector have envisioned an ingenious office space for a new business complex in East Manchester that will evolve out of recycled shipping containers. With the support of the Manchester City Council, the Sharp Project will seek to maximize the available space in a cost-effective way. Right now, the developers are looking for interested clients who would like to make the best possible use of 15,000 square feet of glass-fronted office space.

sharp project bespoke office

Eddie Smith, Chief Executive of regeneration project New East Manchester, says…

The level of interest in the building reflects the latent demand for this kind of affordable workspace, which is clearly responding to the needs of young, dynamic companies and provides an ideal environment for collaborative working.

Maybe this is the reason why esteemed firms like ABF Pictures, Red Handed Cameras and Project:Simply, have shown tremendous interest in reserving some space for them. While power sockets and a broadband connection will be included this week itself, the clients need to wait until autumn to actually move to their allotted spaces.

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Image Courtesy: Sharp Project

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