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Majority of Biofuels Are Not Green

Checking the pollution or amplifying it?


The rising hikes of fuels like petroleum and the increasing environmental effect from it have lately made ‘bio fuels’ a hot discussion topic everywhere. The invention have gained a lot of demand and attention from not only the public but also from the scientists, who have been carrying out their researches in order to be assured that bio fuels are actually completely safe for the environment to be used and can be substituted with high positive effect in place of the normal fuels which are not only costlier but also cause a huge damage to the environment.


What are bio fuels?

Bio fuel is basically a category of fuels which uses biological components in its production instead of using the harmful dioxide gases. These fuels are produced through the agriculture procedures which are considered to be more environmental friendly than any other method. They were mainly invested to cope up with the rising issues of price hikes and the threatening green house effect. However, the questions are now being raised on their quality and whether these bio fuels are really that environmental friendly as they were claimed to be in the initial stages.


Analyzing the studies

Though claimed to be really environmental friendly and comparatively economical fuels, the recent studies by the experts have raised questions about its quality and usefulness. Though it is extracted by a completely environmental friendly method which has reduced the emission of greenhouse gases, there are other pollutants which have been released in the surroundings due to this method. For instance, to extract bio fuels by the agricultural methods, acids in huge amount are absorbed by the soil which leads to its being pollutant. Moreover, the over-fertilization results in effecting the quality of lake and river water too.


Though the bio fuels have always been considered as the best alternative of the natural fuels, lately the studies have proved that while aiding to cope up with the greenhouse effects, some other very harmful pollutants are being released in the environments which cause damage it considerably more amount than the greenhouse gases. Hence, its usage and production is being questioned and the analysis are being made in order to judge its usefulness and the methods to limit its harmful effects so that the ‘bio’ fuels can be efficiently used for their complete positive effects only as they are also the cheaper substitutes of the fuels like petroleum and diesel.

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