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Leg Rest Stool – A heavenly delight for your hanging feet

If you feel uncomfortable because of your hanging feet while sitting on the chair or sofa, this special Leg Rest Stool has exclusively been created for you. Designer Ruben Constanco has very creatively designed this stool as part of a college project. The project aimed at utilizing some specific waste materials and create a piece of furniture that could also accommodate a few belongings inside it. The materials that the project required to use included a cork sandwich and medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Since it was challenging to use these materials and form the required kind of furniture design, Ruben adopted an innovative approach to complete this task.

Leg Rest Stool

As the material did not have the quality to be bended, the designer gave it possible shapes that were double curvy. These curve-shaped cuts of cork sandwiches were beautifully stacked in parallel. For the stacking purpose, there were four big screws, stoppers, bolts and bars used. The Leg Rest Stool finally received innovative fluid curves that the designer had aimed at. Though this stylish stool can be utilized as a standard stool, it majorly serves the purpose of providing relaxation to your legs while you rest on another chair.

The Leg Rest Stool also has a compartment in the middle of the structure. This compartment may be used to keep a blanket if you are resting inside the house in the winter season, or to keep newspapers and magazines if you are taking rest on a pleasant evening in your balcony. The stool’s unique shape supports your legs in an ergonomic manner and helps you maintain a proper rest posture. This piece of furniture can easily be dragged to the place where you wish to relax. So, you may enjoy a good nap and your hanging feet would not disturb your sleep.

Via: Behance

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