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Lampara Lamp comes crafted out of old cardboard

Lampara Lamp

There are many new innovative designs in lighting decor and designers are coming out with creative ideas for recycling old used products to turn them into beautiful lamps. However, this particular ‘Lampara’ (which means ‘lamp’ in Spanish) is very unique as it is crafted out of old cardboard.

The cardboard used in this beautiful Lampara Lamp measures 5mm in thickness and has been neatly and symmetrically cut using the laser technique. The exclusive design reminds us of the old lanterns and the design can actually make it function for many purposes, be it as a floor lamp, a table lamp or even a hanging lamp.

The ready-to-assemble lamp can be put together quite easily by the user as six identical legs of the lamp form the basic structure. these legs are slipped into slots in a six-sided star to create this eco-friendly lamp and its holder. This lamp is very modern in appearance and affordable too. And, if you slip in an energy-efficient bulb, this lamp can be a great bet for your home lighting needs.

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