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Knowing about the Top Five Eco-Friendly Buildings

There are different aspects, which are to be kept in mind while designing an eco friendly home or building. With time, people prefer to take use of eco friendly homes and buildings, as they are cost effective along with which it keeps the environment safe. Material and methods which are taken into use along with design, energy efficiency, insulation, reuse of natural resources and being self sufficient in various aspects are the features of a eco friendly building. The experts from the industry are stating that, having eco friendly building is the present need of the society. As the climatic changes are happening at a rapid pace due to various reasons, have eco friendly buildings and homes is the need of hour.

Top eco friendly buildings of the world

Below mentioned are the top five-eco friendly buildings of the world that has shown remarkable changes in the environment.

New York- Tower of Bank of America: Observers and specialists have given the first place to Bank of America. The construction of the building started in the year 2004 along with which it was completed in the year 2009. A total amount of one billion dollars was spent for the construction. Insulating glasses are being installed from floor to ceiling which helps in containing and maintaining the heat level which in turn enhances the sources of natural light. In addition, there is a rainwater harvesting system installed that is being taken into use. The material, which was used for the construction, was recycled. Air, which exits the building, is cleaned so that it does not put the environment into any harm.

Melbourne- Council House: This building has a ranking of six stars from the environmental experts. There is low emission of gases with reduced usage of electricity has made this building come in the list of eco friendly buildings. Solar panels are installed for saving energy along with power saver computers are taken into use. Lighting is done with a T5 category, which is energy efficient.

Clinton Presidential Center:  One unique feature of this building is that, the flooring of the entire space is done with use of recycled rubber. It is one of the greatest creations as eco friendly buildings. It is installed with solar panels and even has a roof top garden that does not use any pesticides.

London- Price water house cooper: This building has a central courtyard design that helps in letting in the natural light of the sun. Along with this, the building has recorded less carbon emanation.

Dome Home: It is not one building but a collection of buildings. This eco friendly building is made up of polystyrene and has a great process of air circulation. In addition, the material which is being used for making the dome home would never rust or rot.


Additional Information

For more information related to eco friendly buildings, you can search over the internet, as there are various web portals, which are providing information on the same.


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