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Intricate Cardboard Designs – A Masterpiece to Explore

michael hansmeyer cardboard columns

Intricately carved, these are simple cardboard columns which have been devised on the designer’s computer using a subdivision algorithm. This algorithm actually allows between 8 and 16 million facets. Involving detailed carving, it is sure to blow the onlookers minds. It is not a very expensive procedure. The process takes $1500 and about 15 hours. It is made with the help of three laser cutters which work in parallel.

The Artist

Michael Hansmeyer, the proud designer of this product, is an architect and programmer by profession. He holds an MBA degree from Insead Fontainebleau and a Master of Architecture degree from Columbia University. One multi talented guy I must say. He has worked with some of the best companies of the world like McKinsey & Company, J. P. Morgan, and Herzog & de Meuron architects. He currently works in CAAD group at ETH’s architecture department in Zurich.

The Inspiration

Having nature as the inspiring factor for his creation, Hansmeyer based his product on the nature’s various forms and geometrical shapes. The natural colors, shapes, and sizes have all played a pivotal role in helping him decide on how to go about creating his little dainty creation.

The Material

Cardboard is the main material which has been used for the design. Apart from cardboard as the physical material used, he has put in all his years expertise into his design for the product.

The Artwork

He used a laser cutter to carve out 2700 slices from 1mm thick cardboard. The sliced pieces have further been joined by layering them together with a solid wooden core.

Green Aspects

Having been influenced by nature, Hansmeyer, has largely used natural shapes and sizes while crafting out his little baby. Cardboard, being a totally degradable base, has been used solely as the main product for creating the cardboard columns. Owing to the intricately carved details, people often tend to mistake the columns for computer renderings.


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