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Implementing sustainable practices in Greek eco-friendly hotels

Let us begin our discussion with a brief introduction to the eco-friendly hotels and how adopting eco-friendly techniques help the environment. An eco-friendly hotel as the name suggests is an accommodation facility that implemented essential changes and modifications that are helpful in minimizing the harmful impact on nature. A lodging that extends the amenities of green living is a brief definition of an eco hotel. In order to get recognition as an eco-friendly hotel, the hotel must have a certification by the state or by a single third party. Earlier such hotels were found only in the locations that were surrounded by nature and immense greenery however now-a-days such environment friendly hotels can be seen in many places that have only mere traces of natural greenery.

Some features of the eco-friendly hotels will help you in understanding them in a better manner so let us go through them briefly.

  • An environment friendly hotel is equipped with cent percent organic cotton bed sheets, mattresses and towels.
  • The transportation in the nearby areas is only possible through green vehicles.
  • The menu available in such hotels is purely prepared from food grown in the local areas and organic food plus it is served in non-disposable dishes
  • The lighting in such places is naturally energy efficient
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in these hotels plus they extend a fresh system for air exchange.
  • There is a newspaper recycling plan in these environment friendly hotels along with Graywater recycling.


Eco-friendly hotels have some great characteristics and if there are sustainable practices reinforced in environment friendly hotels such as Greek eco-friendly hotels then they might avail many benefits. What are the advantages that will come attached to these sustainable exercises of operation you might ask then there are not one but many benefits of doing so. Enforcing sustainable practices will minimize the overall costs of operation and improve the satisfaction of the guests staying in the hotels plus these initiatives will improve the environmental conditions as well.


A practice model can be formulated by the eco-friendly mangers of the hotels to avail the maximum and some of the practices that can be considered are as follows: the incorporation of eco-label in marketing of the hotel, utilization of renewable origins of energy, training of employees in these methods and forming a green team and associations with green associations.

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