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How To Green Your Everyday Chores

Make an initiate at personal level


The world is becoming a big pollutant planet and with the continuously increasing rate of green house gasses in the atmosphere, it has become very much necessary that each and every individual contribute in making this place greener and cleaner. If you are thinking that how would you contribute in this as neither you are a scientist nor a government official then you are wrong as even a small change in the daily habits and choice of products can make a huge difference to the problem of global warming. The eco-friendly products are easily available in the market these days and can be purchased in quite reasonable prices. Though they are of the higher price range than the normal products but their usefulness compensates with it all.


Avoid plastic bags

Say a big ‘no’ to the use of plastic bags. Whenever you visit super market or any grocery shop, prefer using recycled jute, paper or cloth bags instead of the plastic bags and plastic is a non-degradable substance, that is, it does not get mixed up in the soil and hence cause pollution. Many states have even banned the use of plastic bags by the shop keepers in order to save the environment from its ill effects.


Chemical-free household cleaners

There are many types of cleaning products available in the market. Whenever you go to shop for your household products, prefer picking up those items only which do not have harmful chemicals in this ingredient list. You can make a bit everyday by avoiding the use of these regular chemicals which are otherwise not even noticed but can cause real damage to the environment.

CLF light tubes

Compact Fluorescent Light (CLF) tubes and bulbs are very common among the households. Instead of using normal tight, CLF should be preferred as it is not only eco-friendly but can also help to cut down on your electricity bills by a considerable amount because of their capability to lighten up by consuming lesser energy as compared to the normal lights. So, change the lightning system of your home with eco-friendly options.


By making small changes in your routine life and start using the products which help to save environment in routines, you can contribute in saving this planet to a great extent as these small elements combine together to make the huge harmful impacts on the environment. So, start putting your bit today by bringing eco-friendly products at home.


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