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How to Choose the Right Waste Recycling Expert – Questions To Ask

Knowing when and how to dispose your waste can be daunting task. It takes most of your time and pace which would have been used elsewhere. How do you keep your house or business premise clean without having to deal with the waste by yourself? The answer lies in outsourcing to a third party contractor. There are many waste management contractors you can hire to take this role. However, not all can be trusted to do a good job.

With daily waste to dispose or recycle, it can be difficult to concentrate on your core skills. You need to keep your environment clean and safe. You can shop for experts that offer waste recycling services on the internet and decide on the best one. Below are the questions to ask them:

What recycling services do you offer?

Discarded Light Bulbs  at local recycling center

Recycle of both biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste is a good fit; however, not all contractors will offer this kind of services. You have to know your objectives first before you go out looking for the right waste management expert to handle your waste problems. It may be the office waste or home waste. Either way, you have to look for a reliable contractor, with the right experience, and offer the right services for your waste management needs. The idea is to get rid of the worry of having to deal with your waste on a daily basis and assign the task to an expert.

What is your experience and expertise in the field?

Experience will be a deal maker. A contractor who has experience in recycling waste for businesses and homes is the right fit for you. Here, you should check reviews from different clients and how they rated the contractor you intend to hire. Check whether they are licensed and how their employees are trained to offer professional recycling services. Choose waste management contractors who have a well trained staff as they offer quality services.

Can I see your portfolio for previous projects?


Portfolios help you to see what the company in question has in store for you. It is vital that you ask for their best work before you hire them. It will help you get a clear picture of what you can expect. You can view previous clients and the work the contractor did for them. This way, you will have guarantee that they have experience in collecting and recycling garbage. If it is the e-waste you want recycled, they need to provide a similar case in their portfolio.

What is your quote?

The price is always a factor to watch out regardless of what you are buying. However, it should not be your deciding factor as a contractor may offer a low price but the quality of work or service is low. You can have a list of waste management contractors in your area and check their price quotes. To get this information, you have to call or visit in person. Analyze different quotes and choose that which is within your budget. Depending on the recycling services you want, whether for your home or business premise, the price will vary.

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