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Hingham artists turn junky car into an amazing work of art

woven car

Hingham artists Jeanne Wiley and Ann Conte have revealed their expertise in full glory through a ‘big art piece’ – the Woven Car, made from recycled and overstock materials – at the South Shore Art Center in Cohasset. The duo affixed a checkered weave covering and ceramic floral stick shift to a rusted MG Midget. At the exhibit Media Mix, the car will be open to public view from this Friday onwards.

Jeanne Wiley says…

For me, there’s something magical about weaving. It’s transformative. The car started out hideous and gross to the touch, and now it’s something that everyone wants to touch.

Wiley worked for several hours during the design process that included conversion of 500 yards of slippery webbing into pale gold seat-belts for the junked car. Conte, a ceramicist and painter, dipped live flowers in paper clay to create ceramic floral patterns for the car’s stick shift. The flowers reduced to a shell when they were exposed to the heat of the kiln. She also printed the ceramic tail lights with psychedelic orbs of orange, red and yellow.

Brockton fabricator Joel Miller of Sterling Miller Designs made the front seats and windshield frame from taupe colored Corian in the Terra Collection. DuPont has funded the fabrication.

Go to this link for more images.

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