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Filling up of  fuel at petrol station
Filling up of fuel at petrol station

Here’s why biofuels deserve deeper thought and action

A lot is being said and written about the importance of bio-fuels in the near future, thanks to the current state the earth is in at the moment. However, not many show signs of accepting these biofuels any time sooner, and still prefer to stick to non-renewable energy sources. If you feel the same way, then are 6 facts that highlight the reason why you should start considering biofuels seriously.

Oil is not going to be around forever

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Face it! The world’s natural oil reserves are running out of oil. Oil is also not one of the most eco-friendly energy options around, with its impact reflecting across multiple arenas like health, pollution, climate change and geopolitical instability, etc. As such, you would need to opt for an alternative source of energy sooner or later. While there are many alternatives currently available, the most viable option is biofuel which would easily wean your addiction to oil.

The way you move around dictates the amount of pollution you contribute

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Nearly 2 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases are released by vehicles every year. And this figure is for the U.S. alone. Your choice of transportation would have a direct impact on the environment in more ways than one. Hence, the only logical solution is to opt for an eco-friendly alternative that would help reduce your carbon footprint in the long run.

Biofuels can come to your rescue in this case and help you move around in the comfort of your vehicle without polluting the environment much. If that is not enough, biofuel production is linked to plenty of other eco-friendly causes, including wildlife habitat, food production, water scarcity and environmental justice, etc.

Biofuels will help you contribute to greenhouse gas reduction

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Always thought about what you can do on your part to reduce the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming? Biofuels may be just the answer you are looking for. Studies have revealed that biofuels help in reducing greenhouse gases by nearly 80% when compared to fossil fuels. So if you want to leave behind fresh air for your children and future generations, consider switching to biofuels today.

Biofuels are very easy to use

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Some of us tend to be apprehensive of using biofuels, fearing what it might do to our vehicles. The good news is that biofuels can work perfectly well in existing engines that run on diesel fuels. These fuels can be stored and used in the same way as diesel fuels and can be blended with the latter for efficient operation as well. And the fuel economy offered by these biofuels more or less resembles the economy offered by diesel fuels. Need we say any more?

Biofuels are not as expensive as you think

Filling up of  fuel at petrol station

Let’s do the math here. Oil will run out in a few years from now, and the demand for the same will lead to skyrocketing oil prices. On the other hand, advancements in technology would lead to the mass production of biofuels, making it an easily available commodity. This, in turn, would reduce the costs associated with the latter. What better reason for you to start using biofuels today, knowing that down the lane you are going to save plenty of money in terms of fuel related costs?

Biofuels harbor good political implications

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It is a known fact that the countries that currently produce oil enjoy a higher power which lets them take unfair advantage of other countries. Several countries have even gone to war in the past for oil. By switching to biofuels, you would be doing your bit to reduce the demand on oil, thus reducing the demands placed on the same and the subsequent power enjoyed by oil producing countries. This would, in turn, allow the suppressed countries to break their shackles and flourish.

Biofuels are being considered as the energy sources of the near future. From reducing carbon footprints to harboring good political implications, these easy to use and affordably energy sources could very well pave the road for an eco-friendly future.

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