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Green Tomorrow: New energy self-sufficient house by Samsung C&T

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Samsung C&T Corporation unveiled its new eco-friendly residential construction that flaunts net zero fossil fuel consumption. Dubbed as “Green Tomorrow,” the 4,311-square-foot structure located in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province incorporates 68 energy-saving or energy-creating technologies that are capable of generating energy without using electricity or gas. The construction of the zero-energy house is a pilot project that will reduce by 56 percent the 33,055 kilowatts of energy consumed by most households annually through energy-saving appliances. As far as the remaining 44 percent of the energy requirement is concerned, it will come from renewable energy sources.

Green Tomorrow, the no-carbon house, includes sustainable technologies like landscaping based on restoring ecology, and eco-friendly finishing materials, including recycled timber and bio amalgamates. It also incorporates heat-insulating boards, three-layer windows, no-electricity interior lighting and electrical installation and ventilating systems in order to minimize energy consumption. Ground energy will take care of heating and cooling of the house, while 176 solar panels installed on the roof will generate 21 megawatts of electricity per hour annually. All these green features have resulted in earning a platinum rating from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for the building.

The construction cost of Samsung’s new earth-friendly building is double that of other buildings, but the company hopes to bring down the gap by 10 percent when it is commercialized in 2013. The company is also looking forward to eventually extend those sustainable technologies to its signature apartment brand, “Raemian,” from 2013, as well as to other kinds of constructions such as office buildings, with the ultimate aim of making all of its constructions energy self-sufficient.

Via: JoongAngDaily/The Korea Times

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