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Go Green: IKEA’s Colorful Solar Power Lamps

solvinden solar powered lamps

Home decor giant IKEA of Sweden have introduced a great substitute for the energy consuming lighting devices used in our houses – solar powered lamps. The lamps by the name ‘Solvinden’ are available in four colors – black, white, lime green, and teal. The lamps are fitted with three AA rechargeable batteries of 1.2 V. When the solar cell panel placed inside the lamp faces the sun, the batteries gets charged. Charging time is 9-12 hours for the lamp and it will provide illumination for for close to 4 hours. The charging may take more than 12 hours, if it’s a cloudy day.

The lamp comes with replaceable batteries, with a life span of 2 years. An LED light bulb is fitted in the lamp. Being an entirely solar energy dependent device, the lamp is apt for outdoor use as well. The base of the lampshade is made from steel and the shade from ABS plastic and tinted lacquer.

Price: $ 19.99

Via: Boingboing / IKEA

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