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Go green: environment friendly roofing materials

Adopting environment friendly methods is gaining tremendous popularity now-a-days as these methods extend a variety of advantages for the people as well as the environment. You will find many kinds of eco-friendly materials that are helpful in creating a better world. We all know the importance of roofs and now that everyone is becoming environment conscious they obviously choose the eco-friendly roofing materials for the roofs. These materials are highly durable and undoubtedly better options for everyone therefore let us talk about some of the environment friendly roofing materials.


Slate is the number one on our list of eco-friendly roofing materials and it is getting popular by the day. Slate tiles are beautiful and unique to look at and they demand very less maintenance and they are very long lasting as well. Slate tiles can be recycled plus they are cent percent natural and you can use them in deriving many styles of roofs. Slate tiles are distinctive in their looks and might be expensive but their many advantages make them an ideal choice.

Another great option that is nice and environment friendly is clay and clay tiles are also quite durable and very simple to maintain. Clay tiles can easily last around 50 years and they have many benefits like they are resistant to fire and have great insulation qualities. The next one on the list is metal roofs and they are indeed the best available option when it comes to eco friendly rooftops. The metals that are mainly used for manufacturing roofs are aluminum, copper and steel and they are normally made from recycled things. Metal roofs are very long lasting, they have great insulation powers plus they are quite light in weight.


Cedar or wood shakes are another great option for you to consider in the category of eco-friendly roofing solutions. Wood shingles are packed with amazing features that make them one of the fine options and they only get better with time plus they have amazing insulation abilities. Wood shingles are absolutely non toxic, very durable plus they require very less maintenance. So you can understand that there are many good options available when it comes to building an environmental friendly roof for your home. All these options have their individual qualities and features that make them a fine choice plus all of them make contribution in saving the environment.

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