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Have the Fun of Driving and Riding with Moox Bike

Considering the easy and quick travel requirements of eco-conscious individuals, designer Mike Silvestri came up with a unique bicycle-scooter hybrid option that could fulfill the regular short-distance commuting needs of everybody. It will make people opt for either driving their bike or riding on a scooter. Find out more about this greener transport option called Moox Bike.

Design and development

When Mike saw most people using bicycles or scooters after they came off their trains, then he decided to come up with a hybrid transport that seemed missing from the city streets. Thus, he combined the traditional bicycle and its functionality with the fun of riding a scooter.The final product is designed to be a head-turner and colorful eye candy that every commuter can find useful. Moox Bike is available in several attractive colors like neon green, red, white, and blue.

Moox Bike consists of a heat-treated aluminum frame, as well as an integral rear disc mount and extra-wide sealed bottom bracket.It has an alloy BMX thread-less stem a rigid fork. The hybrid vehicle makes use of mechanical disk brakes so they can give more stopping power. It additionally includes a Shimano rapid grip shift, rear derailleur, and 7-speed cassette, along with a Cro-Moly handlebar, all weather alloy-sealed bearing headset, and wide all-terrain tires.With a smooth frame finish and simple yet classic look, this bicycle-scooter hybrid is made for every type of user.

Functionality and usefulness

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Moox Bike works wonders for those commuters who have to face all types of roads, terrains, and weather. While it runs smoothly and speedily on the roads, it also works effectively on paths and sidewalks.It is very easy to make transitions with this vehicle. As it has folding pedals, you can anytime change your bike-driving mode to scooter-riding mode. This allows you to glide in the desired manner. Moreover, this innovative vehicle lets you ride on a platform while helping the environment stay healthier. It also keeps you fit when you drive it on your own.

Moox Bike is an innovative hybrid vehicle that can help people stay friendly to nature while navigating different terrains in bike or scooter mode. The bicycle-scooter looks appealing in bright colors, with a stylish and durable design.

Source : Indiegogo.Com

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