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Floating States of Maldives from the 2010 Skyscraper Competition

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The rising sea level due to climate change is just on the verge of gulping a country that is just six feet above sea level. The tiny nation of the Maldives that comprises 1200 islands is just a step away from annihilation. As many as 400,000 citizens of the country will be homeless. In order to deal with the situation, a brilliant strategy of erecting vertical structures that will float in the country’s own water has been conceived.

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Called the Floating States of Maldives, this network of skyscrapers will hover to a maximum of 1000m above sea level, while their keels will dive 1000m below the water. These beautiful series of towers will accommodate floor areas of up to 56 times that of the combined Petronas Twin Towers. With the increase in population, the height of the tower will be increased or more towers could be erected to accommodate people. With their plan, designers William Fong, Joshua Loke, Livee Ta haven’t let the recognition of Maldives as a series of islands fade away. The Floating States of Maldives is one of the finalists in the 2010 Skyscraper Competition.

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