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Fablab House for the European Solar Decathlon

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Crafted in wood and decked with solar panels, the three-legged, ellipsoid FabLab House by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia is set to dazzle the European Solar Decathlon in Madrid in June. Claiming to be a zero-energy home, the passive house flaunts a rib-like structure and has a space underneath (slightly raised above the ground) for natural ventilation.

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Initially destined for Madrid’s Solar Resource, now the green house will vie against teams parading some site-specific climate and solar resources. The photovoltaic skin is also responsible for collecting rainwater. Where a passive design ensures maximum efficiency and minimum consumption, the house also has smart systems for monitoring and controlling its temperature and energy use. Moreover, you would see it tied in with a garden for growing food.

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Via: Inhabitat

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